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L’azzurra ballroom has been vaughans banquet hall choice for many. Every year hundreds choose L’azzurra ballroom to host their functions and our hospitality welcomes more. Our event venue can accommodate a sit down type of event up to 300 people, our expertise and many years in the business will help you plan on your special day. L’azzurra Ballroom has provided quality food and service ever since it’s opening in 1991. At L’azzurra, providing a quality experience and brilliant customer service is our top priority. We accommodate to any type of event you simply tell us what you need and let the professionals take care of the rest. Our food is treated and created under strict care and is carefully crafted by our chefs. Our wide variety of meal options when choosing food can be customized based on personal or religious preference. Of course, when the before, after or during the event takes place, you are not our customers, you are our family. You will feel as if you are at home when you attend the L’azzurra Ballroom.